Veneto Passito IGP

100% Igt Istrian Malvasia with sparse clusters

Production area: municipalities of Ponzano Veneto and Villorba

Terrain: sciolto e con uno scheletro importante, ghiaioso

Harvest: Manual harvest in 10 kg crate done in one go

Vinification: sorting of the grapes in the vineyard where the most spargola is chosen, in the winery they are placed in cane racks and left to dry 4/5 months in a current of air for a natural withering, then they are de-stemmed, crushed and softly pressed, fermentation is partly in stainless steel and partly in wood, after fermentation it is stored in glass containers kept in the dark

Refinement: 12 months in bottle

Color: Amber, very dense, consistent with obvious brightness

Fragrance: Intense and complex with hints of evolved fruitiness: there are clear scents of candied citrus and raisins under spirits, then the wine opens up: barley candy, honey, amaretto cookie with hints of eggnog

Flavor: sweet, which immediately opens on candied fruit and toasted almond and on savory, still fresh notes; then the sip becomes pleasantly warm, enveloping and soft. Wonderful bitter caramel finish on robust body and creamy bottom

Alcoholic Grade: 13% vol

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg Brut

Villa Minelli


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