Our selection


We leave with the purpose of filling our bag of experiences, meet the producers and discover their visions, and decide to cherish their expression. Our catalog is a journey into the territories, a collection of products that we take home to be shared, told, enjoyed.

Always before selecting
a wine we are looking for
its best terroir


We offer our customers products of undisputed quality, spokesmen for the territory, interpreters of a story that is told in the vineyard and in the cellar with the work of man.
For this you need simple but special ingredients, from curiosity to openness to diversity, but above all a lot of passion for novelty and goodness.

Our catalog has always been a meeting place for the world’s best wine-producing areas, searching for a true and deep root that then expresses its unmistakable message in the glass.


"Alternatives" is the catalog of those wines that respond to the free choices of their producers.

These are wines that apparently might appear eccentric in the Cuzziol GrandiVini selection. On the contrary, they guard a perfect attention to quality-which remains a common denominator of the entire proposal-while expressing different, original oenological concepts. It is the variety of ideas gravitating around respect for terroir that we were interested in highlighting.

Experience and passion for gastronomy


How do you build a catalog of Italian gastronomic excellence? You have to know the products thoroughly, scout them out region by region, but also know how to bring them to the table. Living them: with passion, professionalism and curiosity.


unique in the world.


Our collection
Of distilled spirits.


Joining the Cuzziol GrandiVini selection means having access to a strategic development system throughout the country. It means participating in targeted Cuzziol signature events of presentation to a selected Ho.Re.Ca clientele and being present at major events in the wine world.