Michel Huard
France – 
Normandy – 
Caligny – 
Caligny – 


Maison Huard is now in its seventh generation with Jean-François Guillouet picking up the baton from his grandfather Michel in 2004 after sharing 20 years with him on the small Normandy estate. The 18 hectares of apple orchards are planted between Caligny and Montilly sur Noireau, and all face full south with the harvest taking place in November when the fruit is well ripe. Single distillation, like all Calvados from this area with an aging that take place in oak barrels, partly old and mostly new so the tannins “soften” and the Calvados begins to acquire its proper color. In all processes maximum care is taken, with the renewal of both barrels and casks in addition to the maniacal control of each individual vintage in order to obtain great Calvados. From Michel selling his first Calvados in the fifties in Paris to Jean François in the sign of one of the best interpreters of appellation.